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Sanjeev Choudhary

Incorporating Speed Bands and the Acceleration Bungee Cord has been a game-changer for my athletes. These tools enhance speed, explosive power, and agility effectively. The Speed Bands excel in functional training, while the Bungee Cord hones multi-directional movements. Durable and high-quality, they’ve become indispensable for achieving peak athletic performance. Highly recommended for trainers seeking noticeable […]


I recently tried ALIVEZZ’s products, and I’m thoroughly impressed. As a cricket trainer, I value high-quality training equipment. ALIVEZZ delivered with well-designed and sturdy products. The Speed Bands, in particular, are versatile and durable, making them an excellent choice for functional training. Highly recommend!


ALIVEZZ’s Speed Bands and ShoulderPro Bands are game-changers for cricketers and coaches. The Speed Bands boost explosive power, while the ShoulderPro Bands help regain and maintain shoulder strength. These tools have become essential in our training, delivering impressive results.