The Ultimate Shoulder Warm-up: Dual Arm Resistance Bands

Having a sound shoulder warm-up routine is essential for athletes who perform repeated throwing and hitting movements, such as in Cricket, Tennis and Badminton, as well as for athletes competing in field events, such as Shot-put and Javelin throwing. A well-structured shoulder warm-up routine can help athletes prime up key muscle groups and help them perform at their very best!                                                                              

The amount of impact that repeated throwing and hitting motions put on your shoulder greatly increases the risk of injury or muscle damage, but those injuries are easily avoided with a few minutes, in the beginning, to get all set for training or a match!

Arm Resistance Band is an excellent tool for helping athletes warm up their shoulders by providing varied resistance to a variety of exercises intended to prime up the key upper-body muscles required for hitting or throwing. Having these small, easy tools in your athletic bag is an excellent way to avoid strain and reduce the chances of injuries.

Why warm-up before exercise?

Performing warm-ups before a workout have several benefits. As the term ‘warm up’ suggests, performing a warm-up before strenuous exercise increases body temperature which can have positive effects on endurance and also increase oxygen intake in your bloodstream for better muscle function during intense activity.

Warm-up improves your overall performance during your workout, via the facilitation of a greater range of motion, improved oxygen delivery to the muscles for better power and endurance, and enhanced neuromuscular function.

Warmed-up muscles can perform better. They contract more forcefully and recover faster, giving you the best performance at the court or on the field. Moreover, a warm-up also prepares your mind by focusing on technique and coordination.

What are good warm-ups before working out?


Full body warm-ups can be easy cardio exercises like jogging, jumping rope, or a few minutes on a stationary bike or treadmill. You’ll be able to raise your core temperature and heart rate with these movements. You can then begin to focus on the particular muscle sets you’ll be working on.



The next step after the full-body warm-up is to warm up specifically for the areas you’ll be targeting during your workout or sporting activity.

Incorporating a series of ballistic targeted exercises for the upper-body muscles and shoulders with Dual Arm Resistance Band can help athletes involved in hitting and throwing sports improve their performance. According to the latest research, tennis players who performed a series of ballistic exercisesin their warm-upincreased their serve speed by 3.5% compared to just doing static and dynamic stretching.

For athletes, it is best to train with resistance bands since they provide constant tension throughout the exercise, which in turn recruits core and stabilizer muscles to help maintain proper form. The band allows you to target both active and stabilizing muscles so you get the most out of your workout, and build great core strength in the process.

The 3 Keys to an effective throwing warm-up:

1. Starting slowly

A proper warm-up takes time and should gradually work through more complex and high-intensity movements. It is important to take your time and make controlled movements.

2. Work on different types of movements

Include a variety of movements in a variety of directions, angles, and planes to warm up different muscles and avoid injuries. Using bands like Dual Arm Resistance Band makes sure that you are warming up all of your essential upper-body and rotator cuff muscles.

3. Don’t overdo it

The goal of the warm-up is to get ready for what will happen in the main part of the workout and not wear you out before it starts.

Every workout needs a warm-up, but athletes who need extra strength in their shoulders should do a targeted shoulder warm-up. It is best to use a resistance band like the Dual Arm Resistance Band to focus on key upper-body muscles. Always remember to properly warm up before every training session. Warming up with a variety of movements will prepare you to perform at your best!