Acceleration Bungee Cord


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Unlock Pro-Level Training With
The Acceleration Speed Cord

Enhance your athletic prowess with the ALIVEZZ Acceleration Speed Cord, a revolutionary training tool designed to elevate your speed, power, and agility on the field or court. Crafted for athletes of all disciplines, this cord empowers you to achieve unparalleled levels of acceleration, enabling lightning-fast directional changes and multi-dimensional movements in any sport.

Train individually or with a partner to unlock greater power and reach your peak velocity. Master swift acceleration, seamless deceleration, and rapid reacceleration in any direction, all within the shortest time frame possible. Elevate your lower body’s strength by compelling your legs and core to put in extra effort with each step. For optimal outcomes, involve a partner to provide resistance, although you can also secure it to a stable anchor without the use of a partner.

As you work through your training regimen, the ALIVEZZ Acceleration Speed Cord engages your lower body in a transformative manner. Your legs and core are compelled to engage with greater intensity, propelling you to every step with forceful determination. This resistance-driven workout not only builds muscle strength but also cultivates the explosive power required for rapid starts and quick bursts of speed, fundamental attributes for success in high-performance sports.

Designed for durability and versatility, this multi-functional tool boasts a secure attachment system. Equipped with a flexible 360 D-ring, the cord adjusts effortlessly to the direction of resistance, accurately simulating the demands of real-world athletic movements. Whether you’re training for cricket, football, tennis, basketball, or any sport demanding agility and speed, the ALIVEZZ Acceleration Speed Cord hones in on specific movements crucial to your success.


Adjustable 360° Rotation Waist Belt: Fully padded comfortable waist belt with 360° swivel clip

Sheathed Bungee Cord: Strong 9 foot sheathed resistance cord that expands to 20 feet

Partner Hand Strap: Easy grip strap for your training partner

Anchor Strap: For attaching speed cord to a pole or anchored hook in lieu of an assistant

Drawstring Carry Bag: Breathable mesh bag that allows moisture to escape

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Youth Ages 12 and Under, Ages 13 and Over, Advanced Athletes


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