Mini Loop Resistance Bands (Set of 5)


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  • Our high-quality, heavy-duty mini loop resistance bands are made from 100% natural latex to provide you with the best workout experience and achieve your fitness goals!
  • ALIVEZZ Mini Loop Resistance Bands are versatile with multiple uses for fitness, toning, strengthening, sports conditioning, warm-ups, stretching, pilates, crossfit, and/or weightlifting. They are also ideal for physical therapy and rehabilitation to support your recovery schedule and quickly get back from injury.
  • The Bands are offered in 5 colour coded resistance levels for all your workout and strength training goals.
  • ALIVEZZ set of 5 Mini Loop Resistance Bands comes in a handy travel Bag to easily carry with you wherever you go.
  • Each Mini Loop Resistance Band is 10 Inches long and 2 Inches wide. Black(35-42lbs), Grey(25-38lbs), Blue(18-30lbs), Red(13-24lbs) and Yellow(10-15lbs)


Product Description

 The ALIVEZZ Mini Loop Resistance Bands are made from high quality, heavy duty 100% natural latex to give you the best workout experience and help achieve your fitness goals faster.

Activate your glutes, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, and lower-body muscles to get them ready before your workout or training sessions. The Mini Loop Resistance Bands are going to be a great training tool to build leg strength and quickness. ALIVEZZ Mini Loop Resistance Bands are ideal for strengthening, warm-ups, physical therapy, home-gym, pilates, crossfit, and/or weight-lifting.

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Youth Ages 12 and Under, Ages 13 and Over, Advanced Athletes


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