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INCREASE RUNNING SPEED, POWER AND ENDURANCE: Gain strength, faster acceleration, explosive change of direction, top-end speed, and overall balance while working to improve sport-specific skills. Enhance your fitness training sessions by adding ALIVEZ Speed Bands to your Lunges, Squats, Hip, and Glute exercises. Exercise with comfort with each Padded Thigh Strap.

TAKE YOUR SPORTS PERFORMANCE TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Speed Bands help you develop quick feet which is essential for all sports that require multi-directional movements like Football, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton etc. Speed Bands also improve your speed by helping you develop a faster first step off the line when running or sprinting.

DESIGNED BY PROFESSIONALS: ALIVEZ Speed Bands allow for unrestricted movement, in a natural manner and with a full range of motion. The speed resistance bands feature unique swivel clips designed for comfort and a full range of motion during multi-directional movement; 1 long band (placed in front) and 1 shorter band (placed in back) provide maximum muscle activation from the knees to the lower abs.

AVAILABLE FOR ALL AGES AND ABILITIES: Athletes of all ages (7+) and abilities use ALIVEZ Resistance Bands to improve speed, sport-specific skills, and athletic performance in many different sports as well as general fitness training.

RESISTANCE LEVELS: (Black Bands) Up To 140 lbs, (Blue Bands) Up To 125 lbs, (Green Bands) Up To 85 lbs, (Red Bands) Up To 65 lbs, (Yellow Bands) Up To 25 lbs, (Teal Bands) Up To 20 lbs, (Light Green Bands) Up To 15 lbs.

ALIVEZZ offers the ultimate resistance training kit for speed and agility. The Speed Bands ensure the leg muscles work against the resistance of the bands. This activates the fast-twitch muscle fibers in your hamstrings, quads, glutes and hip-flexor muscles to help you increase your speed, strength and explosive power. Speed Bands are beneficial for different sports like football, basketball, cricket, tennis, badminton and track and field events where quickness and explosive movements are required.

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Youth Ages 12 and Under, Ages 13 and Over, Advanced Athletes


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